Steel structures in housing construction

Modern housing is usually based on brick structures, although more and more developers are focusing on alternatives. In this respect, we are reaching out to them. We design and manufacture high quality-steel structures in residential construction - both in relation to larger objects and individual single-family houses or farm buildings. Why is it worth to bet on this solution? 

Steel structures for housing construction

Steel structures in residential construction are not so common in our country, but it is worth considering using such a solution. First of all, you can speed up the construction without losing the strength of the structure. Nowadays, shorter investment time is the key to a faster return on it.

Steel structures in residential construction - strength and short construction time 

Steel is one of the most durable materials available in residential construction. Thanks to their resistance to damage and flexibility, the structures are protected against adverse conditions such as wind, snow, extreme temperatures, and even earthquakes. This makes residential buildings based on steel skeletons a safer option for residents. 

Steel structures are corrosion resistant, which means they require less maintenance and overhaul in the future, leading to financial savings in the long run.

In addition, the assembly of structures from this material is relatively simple and fast. Steel elements are initially produced in factories and then delivered to the construction site. This process allows you to reduce construction time, which is especially beneficial for projects with a limited lead time. 

Steel structures for residential construction - low cost, ease of modification, and ecology

The cost must not be forgotten. Although the initial price associated with steel structures may be higher than with traditional materials such as concrete, the long-term efficiency and savings associated with the operation of the building will compensate for these differences.

Steel structures in residential construction are easy to expand and modify. This is a very important feature in the case of buildings in which people are ultimately to live. They may require adaptation to the changing needs of residents, for example in the case of enlarging the family or introducing new functions in the facility.

The use of steel in residential construction also has a positive impact on the environment. This alloy is a renewable material because it can be recycled and reused, which reduces waste and reduces the use of further raw materials.

Steel structures in housing construction - wide possibilities

We have many years of experience in creating steel structures for residential construction. We carry out both smaller and larger projects, always taking care of customer satisfaction.

Before starting work, we always want to know more details about the project to match the expectations of the client. We encourage you to contact our specialists!