Offshore constructions

The oil and mining industry has undergone a significant revolution many years ago. Currently, black gold is increasingly mined in less favorable conditions, such as underwater.

However, in order for drilling platforms and other elements under water to operate fully efficiently, it is necessary to use professional offshore steel structures. For this reason, it is worth getting acquainted with the services of our company.

Offshore structures – what are they?

Offshore steel structures are specially designed and built steel frameworks used mainly in the offshore oil and gas industry. They are designed to work in harsh marine conditions, showing extremely high resistance to factors such as winds, waves, sea salt and corrosion.

The main applications of offshore steel structures are drilling and production platforms, offshore wind turbines and other infrastructure elements related to the exploitation of energy resources at sea.

Offshore steel structures should be designed to withstand extreme sea conditions. In addition, they must meet all safety and environmental requirements. Advanced technologies and materials are used here to minimize corrosion while ensuring durability in harsh environments.

It is also important to maintain proper maintenance procedures to ensure the long service life of these structures. In each of these tasks, our company, specializing in the area of offshore construction, will certainly help.

Offshore, constructions – what will we help with?

The offshore industry is not only oil platforms, but also any other element of infrastructure that is located on the coast or in the coastal zone. Steel structures, such as drilling platforms, are primarily used to drill wells, as well as to store oil and gas from under the seabed. They also have a specially designated residential area for the crew.

In our company we deal with the construction of various types of platforms. The most popular ones, i.e. conventional, are designed for long-term exploitation of the seabed. Most often they are set on concrete supports. The right platform is embedded on them. Such structures are most often used in places where the water depth exceeds 300 m.

Offshore steel structures – a team of professionals 

We are aware that offshore steel structures must be made with the highest commitment and precision to best cope with difficult sea conditions. For this reason, our team cooperates with the client at every stage - from design to the construction of such a facility. 

Our company is primarily a professional team that has extensive experience in working with steel. The customer can therefore be sure that by deciding on the proposed services, he will be in good hands.