Steel structures

The production of steel structures in our company is a multi-stage process. As part of it, individual elements are manufactured that are used at further stages in various industries, such as construction, industry, infrastructure and many others. We have been building steel structures since 2012. During the following years of work, we had the pleasure to create many projects for residential construction or companies operating in the shipbuilding industry.

We have our own production hall and a professionally hardened yard where it is possible to assemble steel structures. Production is carried out using the best technical equipment in the company's machine park.

Steel structures - production at the highest level 

Many years of presence on the market related to steel structures has allowed us to expand the network of cooperators. Thanks to it, we can comprehensively perform our work. 

The production of steel structures is always based primarily on the expectations of the business customer, which we try to get to know at the very beginning of cooperation. As part of preliminary talks, we can find out what the use of steel structures will be and how they need to be built. Understanding the main executive vision is essential for the proper development of the production plan, which is implemented in subsequent stages of implementation. 

Qualified staff and many years of experience - high-strength steel structures 

The production of steel structures involves many different activities. That is why we have specialized machines designed for sheet metal bending, milling, rolling and many others. Such technical preparation allows us to undertake even complex orders that require a specialized approach.

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience, having not only theoretical knowledge, but above all knowing its practical dimension. The support of specialists allows us to create steel structures of various shapes and sizes that meet the individual requirements of customers. Advanced production capabilities have a positive impact on the quality of our cooperation. 

Production of steel structures - a multi-stage process in compliance with applicable standards 

The basis of each implementation is the preparation of a detailed design of the steel structure, which will contain detailed information on the dimensions of the elements used in the production of materials, as well as the method of connecting various parts. After accepting the project, we proceed to the preparation of the alloy to be used for the production of steel structures.

Having a ready material, we can use the possibilities of a well-equipped machine park, preparing individual elements in specific shapes and sizes. The next step is part machining, during which all components of the steel structure are well profiled.

Once this stage is completed, we can proceed to create connections. Steel elements are usually welded together, although in the case of smaller parts it also happens that mechanical connection is used, for example with bolts or nuts. 

The production of steel structures would not be possible without quality control, during which we make sure that all elements comply with the project assumptions and applicable standards. Then, on the company yard, we can assemble the entire structure.