About us

Weldmeister Sp. z o.o.

We have been involved in steel production in Poland and Western Europe since 2012 including steel structures in the shipbuilding, residential, off-shore and industrial installations. 
We also take part in maintenance shutdowns of the Lotos Group and ADM Czernin refineries and constantly supervise and service the transmission installation at the premises of Siarkopol Gdańsk S.A. 


We have our own production hall on the premises of Siarkopol S.A. (Gdańsk Westerplatte) and a hardened square (the possibility of assembling large-size structures), all necessary equipment and staff. IWE welding supervision with current NDT testing authorizations (VT2, PT2, MT2, UT2) 


Due to many years of presence on the market, we have a well-developed network of cooperators, thanks to which we can perform work from initial prefabrication to finished product.
Our production capacity reaches up to 4000rbh/month. Steel structures of our production are located throughout Poland and on the German market. 

Scope of work:

  • assembly  of the structure
  • cutting AC/TL steel
  • welding methods 111, 135, 136 and 141 
  • bending
  • turning
  • milling
  • rolling
  • drilling